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مؤتمر في البلمند عن الإعلام المعاصر المكاري

Makary At Balamand Media Conference Advocates For Balancing AI Advancements With Core Values

Media Bureau on Monday organized at the University of Balamand, a conference titled “Contemporary Media: Requirements, Challenges, and Future Perspectives,” under the auspices of the Ministry of Information, and in collaboration with the National Committee for UNESCO in Lebanon.

The conference brought together a distinguished group of journalists, media experts in digital technologies, and artificial intelligence, along with specialized academics in journalism and media.

The dialogue sessions addressed several topics concerning the challenges of the technological era in artificial intelligence, digitization, and how contemporary media can keep pace with these advancements.

Following the national anthem, Hanida El Masri, Director of the Live Media Platform and Media Bureau, emphasized that “the significance of the conference lies in its outcomes, which will open new horizons for journalists and researchers in media, journalism, and digitization. It represents the inception of academic and media endeavors that will crystallize the features of the upcoming phase in the Lebanese and Arab media arena.”

Hiba Nashabeh, Secretary-General of the National Committee for UNESCO, pointed out that “the challenges of the era extend beyond the use of artificial intelligence in media to encompass various fields of humanity. Therefore, we must keep pace with this rapid development in educational, academic, and media institutions while preserving our identity and values.”

Elias Warrak, Director of the University of Balamand, stressed the necessity for contemporary media to adapt to digital advancements without losing its message and role in revealing the truth, upholding justice, and protecting the voiceless.

Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad Makary, regarded the collaboration between the Ministry of Information, the National Committee for UNESCO, the University of Balamand, and the Lebanese media body as yielding a conference whose sessions will provide substantial material aiding the media body in confronting the challenges of artificial intelligence development while maintaining professional and ethical values, as well as respecting human dignity and privacy.

Regarding the digitization of the archives of Tele Liban, Makary announced, “Efforts are underway to fully integrate the archives into the world’s memory in collaboration with UNESCO.”

The first axis of the conference addressed media artificial intelligence and its employment requirements in journalism and media, as well as the challenges of empowering media and journalism students and graduates. The media session was moderated by Mary Habshi.

The second axis tackled digital safety in journalism and contemporary media, the mechanism for monitoring rumors and misleading news, as well as the challenges of electronic news platforms. The media session was moderated by Zeina Bassil Chamoun.




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