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The Political Marketing through Information The American Model

Dr. Iyad Obeid

A very interesting study taking into consideration the actual experiences and facts, such as the occupation war of Iraq as an example.

It shows the systematic full use of all means and concepts of information at the service of the United States interests and projects.

In his conclusion, the author wonders whether the operations of the American political marketing through media have succeeded. For him the answer is quick with the results achieved on the ground. More precisely, he thinks that despite the existence of eminent voices liberated from the pressure of the American political marketing machines, especially after the attack of September 2001, the invasion of Afghanistan and the occupation war of Iraq, the effective results are in favor of the United States since the US political decisions are applied by the countries of the world under the sponsorship of the United Nation and the Security Council. Furthermore, he states that the American politics have become a culture to follow in many countries of the world.

To the question whether the gigantic military machine was the cause of victory? The answer is that this machine would not have been able to win if it had not been supported by a gigantic media machine as well.

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