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Eliminate the roots of extremism and terrorism is a global task

Terrorism and the means of coercion in the international community. And terrorism has no agreed-upon goals of universal and legally binding, and the definition of the criminal law to it in addition to the common definitions of terrorism refer to those violent acts aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear, and be directed against religious followers of certain political and other, or ideological goal, and the deliberate targeting or ignore the safety of non- civilians. It is typically used similar tactics by criminal organizations to enforce its laws. And expressed today is terrorism targeting civilians.
The concept of this phrase because of political and religious complications has become vague and sometimes different in other times. It is worth mentioning that the Christian and Islam has suffered because of them targeting extremist groups.
The history of terrorist action is due to a culture of human love and enjoined the people to control and intimidate them in order to get to the finish contrary to the fixed social concepts.
Depending on the scientific concept that the goal of terrorism is to create disorder in the internal and external balances, and this is probably the most important objectives of terrorism, given the importance of these balances. This criminal act may have done some secret global organizations, which are manufactured either for individuals or for some countries, for the control of certain well-known fruits and wealth, as a prelude to invasion and control of this wealth and plundered countries.
We cannot lose sight that there is a state or group of states ( especially the United States and the Israel enemy ) routinely used this word ( terrorism ) to stigmatize a lot of hostile acts , but also to justify waging wars against countries that do not risk it, do not pose any real threat. To achieve the objectives of undeclared, is not in keeping with the prevailing humanitarian principles, it is said, rather than tell the truth that the war launched “to combat terrorism”.
There are many questions asked and asked about the reasons for the French security failure that accompanied the Paris attacks recently that have left hundreds dead and wounded.
The questions start of the facts and the facts showed that the organization “Daesh ” was able to nail this tour and breach of French security measures by reaching into the heart of Paris, and even planning to blow up a stadium was home to eighty thousand people , led by President Francois Hollande .
The beginning was with the entry of Paris in the international coalition to fight this terrorist organization and launched hundreds of raids on its headquarters in Iraq and ignoring the organization in Syria, without imposing extraordinary security measures on the border and in the interior note that the ” capital of the Lights ” was attacked last January targeted newspaper ” Charlie Hebdo ” satirical and left 12 people dead and adopted by al-Qaeda.
Come to Paris after seven attacks that lasted nearly an hour, and not the French security forces move swift and decisive wanted , according to international security experts .
The attacks show the slow response the French services did, where the targeted attackers beginning of a restaurant near the Canal Saint-Martin (east of Paris) and killed more than 15 people from the diners with automatic rifles, then drove the car about five hundred meters to the pizza restaurant, killing five people, then drove their car a mile towards the south east and killed more than 19 people in a bar and then fled.
And in The Pataklan theater attack, the four attackers emptied their weapons of ammunition in the audience, and then three of them blew themselves theater, before the police could armed fourth killed, according to eyewitnesses cited by state media.
After the attacks was flopping stage address, where it was said the beginning of the alleged mastermind of the attacks Abdul Hamid Obaaud exists in Syria, knowing that the man who was killed in one of the apartments in the suburb of Saint-Denis Parisian, told the magazine of the organization glutinous in February that in Europe and is ready to launch attacks, reveals the source follower of the investigations that Morocco is told of the existence of “Obaaud” on its territory which led to launch a raid on the apartment where he was hiding process.
The biggest mistake the French authorities –according to some sources- it a day after the incident, a patrol from the French police stopped a car on the road between Belgium and France , was carrying four people, including the most wanted man in France and Europe Salah Abdel-Salam , where searched the car without being arrest.
In addition to what revealed by Western media that seven out of eight of the attackers were on the list of US and French intelligence surveillance, and they have used the site Viciuk to communicate among themselves. Available information shows that the phone which was found in the yard of the attacks appear to have used regular text messaging to coordinate attacks.

Not the case in Germany better than it is in France, the security breaches become a European phenomenon, especially in Germany, and terrorist attacks to escalate but they are different from those which are located in France, the majority says that the open-door policy towards immigrants practiced by Merkel is causing the poor security in the country.
And reminisce about the three asylum seekers who have recent attacks in Germany during the last period, they had already entered the country long before Merkel’s announcement New policy regarding immigrants, something that was last year.
According to the opinions of some analysts the policy pursued by Merkel will lead to long- term to protect the country from the risk of terrorist attacks, saying that the show German sympathy with fleeing migrants from conflict areas in the Middle East sends a clear message that Germany is not fighting a war against Islam as a religion, what will Muslim residents in Germany to cooperate closely with the authorities and the security elements in the face of any plans for extremists.
According to the point of view of a writer and political analyst at the Independent newspaper , Robert Verkaik that fundamental point , which is the cornerstone of the success of any effort to confront terrorism is to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in the communities that are exposed to this kind of attack , and that the ” open door policy ” for immigrants in Germany helped to reassure them , which helps the country on the face of terrorism more than any security operation could be launched by the police ,.
On the same crisis, the Guardian newspaper published on its front page an article talked about the security crisis faced by Europe and its impacts on the political atmosphere in Europe in general, France and Germany in particular, titled “Death in Europe and the search for a political answer.”
According to a newspaper editorial that after the exposure of citizens six attacks within fifteen days in France and Germany, the two countries situated under a series of fears and anxieties.
The newspaper added that both countries are being subjected to waves of violence ahead of upcoming elections.
The newspaper saying that after each attack, louder questions about the reasons for the failure to stop these attacks, in France blamed on the failure of security in that, while in Germany, he headed the fingers of blame to monitor the refugees. ”
The newspaper concluded by saying that ” the political tension is increasing due to every attack in both countries , and they suffer from many problems due to refugees reception , and share with each other a tough time .”
In the end there is a consensus that terrorism is an extremist ideology that wears the guise of religion, which constitute the most prominent threat to the world today, it is seeking to stretch across the border to infiltrate countries and peoples, many examples of that based on what is happening from the breakthroughs of the immigrant community in Europe.
Every terrorist crimes indicated the extent of the brutality of this thought and after all heavenly religions, which makes eradication of the roots of extremism and terrorism and its cells a global task, and therefore must desist from employing political terrorism, and the separation of international conflicts files on the influence and between autism in order to eradicate terrorism.
It was incredible that France , Belgium, Sweden and other European countries will face the risk of terrorist acts , after decades of hosting Europe and America for immigrants and their access to the fourth generation and perhaps the fifth , and access to the nationalities of these countries , but some of them turned as a result of the spread of the ideology of extremism into a ticking time bomb threatening the West and undermine confidence acceptance of religious diversity and resettlement of immigrants.
It must be the realization that the world today has already become a reality under the threat of terrorist organizations to justify their crimes discourse religious , and attracts those who commit crimes of terrorism and murder easily through the means of electronic communication , where he became “Daesh” can reside in Iraq to stir cell “Daesh” in Brussels or Paris through Internet, which means that the risk of extremist ideology became the head of the list of threats to the security and stability of the communities lack the serenity and peace.
Terrorist incidents are no longer located in the capitals and cities , but expanded geographical boundaries to include Arab and Western countries , and also increased their targets to include all peoples of the world regardless of their gender or nationality … kids and adults … men and women … everyone is a target .

That terrorist acts to repeat at the hands of extremists , threatens world peace and rot in societies and modern man loses a sense of security and the possibility to communicate, travel safely , whether for tourism or for education or to work .

The Ministry of Information of Lebanon
Studies and Publications Directorate
Prepared by: Zainab Zahran

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